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Part 1 is still in development; I'm kinda pulling a George Lucas. Sam Overcash has a run-in with Ben and the Others. Set during Season 3, roughly parallel to Sawyer's injection scene at the hands of the Others.

Read "Backwards Part 2"

Sam Overcash, having finally escaped the Island, is hanging out with Hurley when they recieve a rather unexpected visitor. Set during Season 5.

Read "Intruder"

Sawyer and his sister Ashley run into trouble when a previous con comes back to haunt them, and one of their lives is put in danger. Set entirely in flashback, precrash.

Read "It's Not Fair"

Sawyer and his sister Ashley deal with being held captive by the Others. Set during Season 3, but I wrote this before Season 3 aired so some plot points are non-canon.

Read "Three"

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