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Short story:
The beginning is very like what we saw on Lost, but instead of a married Goodwin, Juliet goes out with a single James. Ben finds out and sends James to a mission. Linus knows that this assignment will make Sawyer break the rules (kill one of their own).
Juliet bags Ben to let James go, but he says no.
Juliet asks Kate, her best friend to help her save James. When they are about to leave the island, Ben get to them with a gun (like Pickett in "Not in Portland"), Juliet kills Ben.

- The scene James and Juliet meet, you just think about Goodwin/Juliet first meeting. (If you forgot, she was crying and she heard a noise. It was Goodwin);
- The scene it's James, Juliet and Ben in her lab it's like Juliet/Goodwin/Ben scene;
- Ben watches Juliet saying "I love you" to James that's when he goes kick his ass (I think that's obvious, but just in case)

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