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LOST: The Other Generation

Two more episodes will come over the next week or so, as I iron them out. Then there will be a break/hiatus so I can write the next several episodes all together. I prefer to write them like that so the story is more cohesive.

If you're wondering why I chose script format, it's because I am an amateur and I am trying to sharpen my skills. In fact, the person who wrote the suggestions in the comments earlier was really helpful.

But these were already written, so the "(beat) issue" remains (even after edits), at least until the next batch of episodes. Because of space, I am trying to keep these at around an hour of reading (60 pages), while getting as much story in as possible.

Please remeber that I'm just trying to stick with the spirit of the actual series. There is no favoritism towards any character. Just telling the best story I could think of. And some times the quality of story demands certain things should happen...don't want to say too much.

Read "Episode Four - "The Vanishing Man""

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