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Read "Episode Ten - "Forgive Our Fathers""

Things are going to start moving along pretty fast in episode eleven and beyond.

Episode ten might be a little bit of a set-up episode but this is still a good (IMO)
and necessary episode. I'm proud of the way it turned out. Hope those of you still reading
this series like it as well. Thanks for your comments - it's the only way I know
people are still reading.

Just to give you an idea of what the plan is:
By the end of Episode 11 all characters will be introduced on the Island. So don't worry about having to keep track of too many people.
And by the end of Episode 12, most all of the character-flashback stuff will be done and
we will be caught up and (essentially) only moving forward in time.

In other words, the plan is that Episode 13 through 16 (or 18 if need be) will be the 'end game'.

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