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L:TOG- Episode Fourteen "Cosmic Significance"

Sorry for the longer gap than normal between episodes. I had some stuff come up and 'real life' interfered. :)

A little bit of history in this episode as the plot pushes forward, dealing with one last important backstory before the CRAP hits the fan. And I'm just going to tell you right now that it hits the fan in Episode 15. And I apologize for the cliffhangers in advance and that this mostly sets the table for Ep 15 but...such is keeping with the spirit of 'LOST'.

We're almost there. Four episodes left. Ep 15 will likely be up in the normal span of 10-12 days. Actually I am itching to get right on
and finish it off so hopefully it might be up sooner than that (no promises). I'd love to be able to post the last episode (Ep 18) on the anniversary of the series finale (May 23rd) but I would have to rush things to do that.

There will be no summary offered before the conclusion of the series. I realize this means I am limiting my own audience by doing that.I am writing this series for fans like myself. Those that don't mind reading and investing. And if it becomes too much of an investment or falls out of someone's favor...then that's cool. I'm writing this for posterity anyhow. Who else is even bothering to try and tackle a continuation story in this scope? It's not easy...because it requires that kind of investment both from reader and author. Oh...and there is certainly more Island History on the way...stay tuned. :)

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