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The penultimate episode. One more to go!

And I am excited to write it. The final episode might be a little longer than 60pgs, if I feel like I need it. But I won't be gratuitous. Just want to finish it properly. This one (#17) needed
to move pretty fast, but actually I think it makes it more exciting.

I think this episode is a lot of fun. Lots of things happen and we get to explore some cool territory, story-wise (IMO). Some new characters are introduced but only ONE of them is important in the grand scheme heading into the last episode. I won't say which one. The rest are simply here to tell this particular story. In other words, the only characters that matter are the characters we've been dealing with all along. Just think of it like Season 5 'Dharmaville'. The new characters are necessitated by the location...and 'time'.
Don't want to say too much more.

This Episode is intentionally confusing, again, in keeping with the spirit of the series. Adventure and mystery...Just wait and trust me.

Please leave comments. It always makes me feel more motivated to 'get on the horse' and write.

One more episode to go. Hope you enjoy this one.

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