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When I originally wrote these, I didn't format them properly in the dialogue while using (beat) and (pause). So as I repost these I am taking the opportunity to fix that.

But it also means I have to edit the whole episode format a bit in order to keep them uniform at 60 pages. So that's why it's not as simple as merely re-sending all of them as they currently are.

Besides that, I wouldn't want to inundate DarkUFO with a bunch of reposts all at once. Also, I am continuing to write episodes 17 and 18 at the same time. So that's why it's moving slower than you might expect. So, be patient with me. :)

So I've created a small, simple blog and I'll be reposting everything there (as well) and hopefully when all is said and done, I'll be able to answer questions and comments on that blog:


Additionally, I'll definitely still be sending Episodes to DarkUFO. I'll just be answering comments/questions/feedback over at the blog.

Repost- LOST:The Other Generation - Episode Two by Kevin

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