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The Final Episode - 80 pages, so allot yourself 15 or 20 minutes more than normal to read it. I've taken a few bold strokes here but I think they are worth it. I am proud of the whole story.

I appreciate each and every one of you that have invested your time in reading this series, not having any 'teases' or having been sold much of any reason to do so...it was always my M.O. to let the story do the talking. It has been a two-way leap of faith, that I would actually finish and keep within the spirit of the original, and that you would still be there to read. THANK YOU.

On character deaths - I never planned character fates outside of a handful, I wanted to keep everything as completely natural to the story as possible and I believe I succeeded in doing that.

I accomplished everything I set out to do with the story. And I am amazed that it has wrapped up as nicely as it has (IMO)...you've got to leave these stories behind at some point. And that was maybe the most difficult decision of all. Where to leave it? Well, I did the most appropriate thing, IMO.

My only regret is not having more character-building but I felt a need to honor the readers and FINISH before it became too drawn out.

Lastly, I firmly believe I have paid Damon and Carlton and Co., the full respect by keeping everything within the spirit of the original and totally inspired BY and CONSISTENT with the original. Let this be my love letter to the original and may it hope to inspire SOMEONE to continue the story, for real.

Please leave comments here or questions at the blog. http://theothergeneration.wordpress.com/ I'll answer questions over there.

I think it's time to nervously let go of this last episode...I hope you enjoy.

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