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Hi all!

About a year ago, I started this project where I set out to create my own personal definitive take on the whole mythology of LOST. I had a lot of things in mind and I thought this was the best way to convey them. It took me longer than expected to complete it because I have other commitments like the final year of my undergrad and I even 'abandoned’ it for a while because I sort of ‘moved on’ from LOST.

But I’ve finally completed it! It’s Seven Chapters (plus an Epilogue) mostly detailing the events that occurred on the Island before the crash of Oceanic 815. I tried to make each chapter unique in a sense that each of them revolved around a particular set of characters. Here’s the rough outline of the chapters and its centrics:

1 - Ancient Times
2 - Jacob/MIB/Richard
3 - Alvar Hanso
5 - Widmore/Purge
6 - Hawking
7 - Jacob/MIB/Locke/Ilana

I didn’t want to make a simple laundry lists of answers and instead I tried to weave them into a story as best as I could. I’m not a professional fanfic writer so don’t expect anything extraordinary about my writing style/English.

Again, this is NOT the definitive take on the mythology. It is my personal take on it and you decide whether to accept my take or not. But if you decide to accept my take on it then hopefully it can enhance your experience when you watch the whole series again.

Thank you for reading and I can now let go a big part of LOST in me

Here’s the website: http://lostislandhistory.wordpress.com/

And here’s where you can read the chapters: http://lostislandhistory.wordpress.com/chapters/


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