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Episode Eight "See The Light- Part Two"
This is the second part of the 'season finale' (if you will). I would expect more episodes to come in late January/early February.

A few general comments:
I will not leave any plot threads hanging, everything is planned out pretty well. And I think the next (and final) 'season' of L:TOG is going to be more exciting than the first. Will get more into Island history, will touch upon some mysteries but I'm not going to forcefit anything just to say I touched on it. With that said, I do plan on getting into some fun stuff.

I will not talk about any future episodes in any detail, and I am still going to remain silent
in the comments section. If you believe something is amiss, by all means mention it. I also appreciate all the kind words. Sorry I have remained silent, but I know myself...if I begin commenting here or in the forum, I'll say too much. Right now I'd rather preserve the drama as it is presented in the story.

If you like the story, please pass it on by word of mouth. I have not promoted this series in the least...for lack of confidence. Besides that, I didn't know where else to post it.

Finally, allow me to explain the basic plan.
There are two major portions (seasons) of this story. Again, the next of which I'm guessing would be 8 or 10 episodes long. There is POINT B, which deals more with 'The Other Generation' And in case you haven't figured it out, TOG isn't exactly Sawyer and Desmond. :)

I first needed to get from POINT A (what you've been reading) to POINT B. If I had started at POINT B, I think I'd have about two people reading this...continually questioning if I had any idea how I got there...or if I just started there and began to pull things from a hat. The plan for this portion of the story (POINT A) was to avoid that confusion by going, basically from a reasonable starting point (10th anniversary of the crash of 815) chronologically to an end point.

And now we are at that end point. Hopefully I've earned some trust along the way, for better or worse, I know exactly where this thing is headed.

And any outstanding questions about the time period covered over these episodes will be dealt with in flashback in subsequent episodes. Should be fun...it wouldn't be worth writing unless somebody is reading, so let me know if you're still reading them. Hope you enjoy.

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