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Episode Seven: "See The Light - Part One".

First part of a two-part 'mini-finale' that will bookend this portion of the story. Think of this as the end of 'season one' - there will only be two seasons. Between 16 and 20 episodes total for the entire story. I don't want to drag it out and I'm sure any of you still reading don't want it to drag out. 'Season two' will focus more extensively on 'the other generation'.

I apologize for the cliffhangers in this episode seven...once again, just trying to do this classic-LOST style. But fear not, I'll be posting Part Two today as well.

Part of writing in clasic-LOST-style is to intentionally confuse. For example (as mentioned by one person in the Ep. 2 comments) - the idea that there were only 4 people on Ajira and that Walt was one of them. To me, it was quite obviously a lie, in that it would have been an EGREGIOUS oversight on my part. You can trust me to not have a major F-up. I assure you. :) To sum, whether you like the story or not is one issue, but I am not going to screw up something that bad. I KNOW CANON and consider it of utmost importance to follow it, religiously.

Although I did use "Ray" (who is dead)in a quick mention as Kate's father (that is still alive) rather than Wayne. I caught that mistake myself but only after I posted the story. Other than that, I think the story is airtight to this point...I've been trying as hard as I can to even avoid something that small. Episode 8 on its way.

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